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Turtle eggs being laiyed

Kate checking on the progress of a nesting Hawksbill mother as she was depositing her eggs. Long Island. 5 September 2010. Nicola Nash.

One of the EAG trip guests holding a newly recovered Hawksbill hatchling from a nest excavation. 27 September 2013.Nicola Nash.

Newly hatched Hawksbills that were being kept briefly for DNA sampling by the Jumby Bay field team and then released. Long Island. 26 July 2013. Nicola Nash.

A nest with 194 eggs. The nest was too shallow and in the wrong area, so they were taken out and relocated immediately to a new site by the Jumby Bay field team. Long Island. 12 August 2011. Nicola Nash.

An EAG turtle watch participant, Samantha, holding a newly recovered hatchling from a nest excavation. Long Island. 27 September 2013. Nicola Nash.

An unhatched embryo in "mid stage" (yolk sac still attached) discovered when Nicola and Kate excavated a newly hatched nest and opened the few unhatched eggs to see if they were fertilized or unfertilized. Jabberwock. 14 August 2013. Nicola Nash.