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The Environmental Awareness Group of Antigua & Barbuda

Raising awareness & promoting sustainable use of natural resources

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The Environmental Awareness Group, or EAG as it is more commonly known, is a national, voluntary, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization.

For some years a small group of local people had strong concerns about the pressures on Antigua- Barbuda's natural environment. A lead role was played by Desmond Nicholson and Edward T. Henry who were members of the Historical and Archaeological Society –  better known as HAS.   HAS is the main support group for the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda and other heritage concerns.

On June 9, 1988, the Museum hosted a meeting on environmental matters, coinciding with an environmental exhibit, and a slide show displaying environmental abuse in Antigua-Barbuda.

The late Desmond Nicholson was one of the leading lights in founding the EAG.

About us - What we do and how we do it

Desmond Nicholson

This formed part of a drive by the Caribbean Conservation Association (CCA) to promote greater awareness in the Caribbean of the importance of environmental conservation.  Subsequent meetings held by members of HAS led to the creation of the Concerned Citizens Conservation Committee, and in 1989 this was formally constituted as an organisation and Under the Friendly Societies Act and renamed the EAG, recognising the fundamental importance of public awareness for support of conservation initiatives.

EAG's Vision:

A society informed and empowered to sustainably use and manage its natural resources

EAG’s Mission Statement:

(a) to raise public awareness of the values of – and threats to - natural resources and to promote their sustainable management.

(b) Motivate and promote civil society participation in environmental decision-making and management.

(c) Support and undertake natural resource conservation projects that develop a better understanding of the use and management of natural resources.

(d) Advocate and support policies, legislation and programmes which support sustainable use and management of natural resources.

(e) Fundraising, soliciting, receiving and accepting financial assistance, donations, endowments, gifts (both intervivos and testamentary) and loans of or any interest in money, lands, or other property whatsoever whether real or personal to further the aims and objectives of the Organisation..

The EAG works closely with sponsors, funding agencies, governmental,educational and environmental organisations.

We have very close and successful partnerships with a number of well known organisations including the following.

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