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The Environmental Awareness Group of Antigua & Barbuda

Raising awareness & promoting sustainable use of natural resources

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News and Events

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Are you a bird spotter or would you like to learn about our wetland and sea birds?

SCSCB has kindly allowed us to reproduce their brief guides to:

- Wetland Birds of the Caribbean

- Sea Birds of the Caribbean

Walking Tours every Tuesday and Thursday. Read more>

Footsteps Hiking

Hummingbirds nesting in our gallery! A chronicle of their development.......

Hummingbirds in our Gardens Birdlife International

You can search for information on bird species and Important Bird Areas (IBAs)  including Antigua and Barbuda’s IBAs on the Birdlife International database. EAG and Birdlife hope to stimulate people to provide information about our “most important” sites.

Field Trips

Our Forthcoming

Field Trips

Biodiversity hot-spot rediscovered in the Heart of Antigua!

Forest on Stones

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Brief Guide to the

Rare Plants of

Antigua and Barbuda

Requiring Protection

Free Download! Our Brief Guide to Rare Plants of Antigua and Barbuda

Mosquito problems?

Make yourself a bat box!

Bat Boxes