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The Environmental Awareness Group of Antigua & Barbuda

Raising awareness & promoting sustainable use of natural resources

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Please make a donation

The EAG does as much as it can with voluntary work and with funds from membership fees, fundraising events and sponsorship. These funds are very limited and we are always extremely grateful to members and non-members who make a donation to us, no matter how small.

If you can assist with this vitally important work, please make a donation for which we will be very grateful.
You can do this as follows:
  1.  donate online on the Support Us page

  2.  include your donation with your membership fee, or

  3.  send it to our office in St John’s.

Here are some more ways you can help:

Wedding list giving

Charity wedding lists are becoming increasingly popular, allowing guests to contribute, say, $50 in the couple's name to the EAG.

Donate your spare change

Visiting Antigua and Barbuda? Why not leave your spare foreign currency when you leave?


Give the next generation a world worth living in

Leave the EAG a gift in your will and you will help to ensure that Antigua and Barbuda remains a place where our children can enjoy the beauty of nature. A magnificent environment where our forests still stand tall and endangered animals and plants are protected.

A fair world where our communities can live in harmony with the environment and where precious resources are used in a sustainable way.

A world where the EAG is always working to conserve our natural beauty.

Donations and Legacies