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The Environmental Awareness Group of Antigua & Barbuda

Raising awareness & promoting sustainable use of natural resources

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The benefits of your company partnering with the EAG

The EAG works with a number of businesses and we would welcome enquiries about how we can work together. Many companies nowadays benefit by advertising their green credentials so being able to demonstrate that the EAG supports your green activities should be of great benefit to all.

We would also be happy to discuss terms for adding your company details to our website.

The Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) is dedicated to empowering the citizens of Antigua & Barbuda to conserve and sustainably use our natural resources. We demonstrate best practices in conservation and educate people on the value of the environment. Become a corporate sponsor, join Antigua & Barbuda’s leading conservation group today!

Bronze “Hummingbird” membership with a donation of $500 provides that sugarwater to get through the day. The perks of bronze corporate membership are a free t-shirt, and your company logo on the EAG website.

Silver “White-crowned pigeon” membership with a donation of $2,000 gives a silver lining to our endangered species. Silver corporate members will receive two free t-shirts and tote bags, and the company’s logo will be included in the annual newsletter and featured on our website. Sponsors will receive a 50% discount on a field trip with an expert naturalist through Body Ponds conservation area in the heart of the island.

Gold “Tropicbird” membership with a donation of $5,000 never ceases to impress the crowd. Gold corporate menbers will receive five free t-shirts and tote bags, and the company’s logo will be included in the annual newsletter and featured on our website. The EAG will provide a free fieldtrip with an expert birder through the Christian Valley bird trail, and complimentary bird identification charts.

Platinum “Frigatebird” membership, after our national icon, is the most generous at $10,000. Frigates can fly for two weeks without landing, and a donation at this level will help our conservation mission to soar. Platinum corporate members will receive ten free t-shirts and tote bags, and a complimentary field trip, bird identification charts, and boat ride to tour with an expert at Bird island – home of the EAG’s internationally acclaimed conservation project. The company’s logo will be prominently featured in all our electronic and print media, and our website will showcase an inspirational company profile. The generosity of our Frigatebird sponsors will be recognized at all of our promotional events.

*All figures are in EC dollars.

If you prefer to make an anonymous donation, or donate as an individual, please contact us.

Click here to download the Corporate Membership guide.

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