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Field guides

Wild Plants of Antigua and Barbuda

An illustrated Field Guide to the

Native and Naturalised Vascular Plants

Price: $EC 120    $US45

EAG Members price: $EC 90     $US 34

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This beautifully illustrated 400 page field guide is a comprehensive guide with photographs, identification keys and descriptions of nearly 500 species of plants, mainly native species, that adorn our countryside and provide a habitat for wildlife. It is intended for all who seeks to know more about beautiful tropical plants and their ecosystems.

We will be organising field trips and running courses on plant identification using this guide as a basis.

The Field Guide is based on extensive surveys of Antigua & Barbuda by the authors. It includes over 1000 photographs taken in Antigua and Barbuda by the authors. Whilst every Caribbean island has it’s own distinct flora, plant lovers will find this guide of application in nearby Caribbean islands.

Obtainable from the EAG Office, the Museum and also from Best of Books, Hotels and book and gift shops.

All proceeds go to EAG conservation work.

Front Cover of Field Guide USAID Website

The EAG wishes to thank USAID for their generous support for this project.

UWI National Herbarium of Trinidad and Tobago

The EAG also wishes to thank the National Herbarium of Trinidad and Tobago, the University of the West Indies for their invaluable support for this project.