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Copies of many illustrated reports can be studied at the EAG Resource Centre.

For serious researchers, they can also be bought at a reasonable price. Some examples are:

   - Checklist of Native and Naturalised Plants of Antigua and Barbuda

   - Red List of Threatened Plant Species of Antigua and Barbuda

   - Recommendations for Protected Areas in Antigua and Barbuda - Part 1 The Mainland

   - Summary Report on the findings of the Plant Conservation Project

The EAG is urging the Government urgently to protect our rare and threatened plants and ecosystems. Along with a “Red List” of threatened species, we wrote a brief guide to some of the more easily recognised species.

Download our FREE Guide Here!

Free Download! Our Brief Guide to Rare Plants of Antigua and Barbuda

Brief Guide to the

Rare Plants of

Antigua and Barbuda

Requiring Protection

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