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Loss of Biodiversity

Land clearing with diesel on                                                  Deforestation caused by goats at

          Fig Tree Hill                                                                             Middle ground

Deforestation caused by lemon grass                                           Bulldozing of coastal forest and

          burning at Body Ponds                                                       mangroves at Fitches Creek

The countryside of Antigua & Barbuda is under great stress. By countryside, we mean both agricultural areas and natural areas including wooded hillsides and coastal forest. It is estimated that we lose over 5% per annum due primarily to 3 main causes:

    • Indiscriminate bulldozing and land and ghaut clearing

    • Free-roaming goats

    • Illegal fire setting

The EAG has initiated a number of projects and campaigns to address these problems and has submitted recommendations for Protected Area legislation to the Government.

The EAG is urging the Government urgently to protect our rare and threatened plants and ecosystems. Along with a “Red List” of threatened species, we wrote a brief guide to some of the more easily recognised species.

Download our FREE Guide Here!

Free Download! Our Brief Guide to Rare Plants of Antigua and Barbuda

Brief Guide to the

Rare Plants of

Antigua and Barbuda

Requiring Protection

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