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The EAG has rediscovered an unspoilt forest and a stream surrounded by many rare species in the very heart of Antigua!

This biodiverse wilderness, in the Forest on Stones, has amazingly escaped the ravages of the bulldozer and unchecked development.

The Forest on Stones is not only of enormous biodiversity importance to the Nation. It is also of international importance because of it's petrified forest, which is why some people call it the Forest of Stones.

Antigua's leading Biologist/ Conservationist, Kevel Lindsay, of the Island Resources Foundation, could not believe his eyes when he saw the photographs of this amazing find. He said that he was almost in tears to see such beauty which he remembers from his childhood, but which has almost been completely destroyed by our lack of respect for natural wilderness areas.

The EAG is now in discussion with local landowners about how to conserve this beautiful area for all in Antigua and Barbuda and for tourists to experience.

The EAG would like to create a trail along the stream and through the forests with tours explaining about the rare and threatened species and the petrified trees to enable all our citizens, but especially our children to experience the real Antigua.

If you would like to help the EAG  to conserve this beautiful area, please contact us!

Biodiversity Hot-Spot Rediscovered in the Heart of Antigua!