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Plant Conservation Project (PCP)

The Plant Conservation Project was launched in October 2007 with funding from the USAID Caribbean Open Trade Support Program and has benefitted from expert support from the University of the West Indies.

The project aim has been to address the abuse of our environment by developing a solid scientific base of knowledge about our native plants and natural environments and raising awareness about the environment and the needless destruction and desertification which is going on around us.

A major component of the project has been extensive field surveys of some 50 biologically diverse locations.

The project achievements have been twofold:

    · firstly, building a comprehensive scientific foundation and understanding of exactly what species and environments exist in Antigua and Barbuda. This includes an extensive publicly available database including data on over 1000 species and 10,000 good quality photographs, a detailed analysis of threatened species and ecosystems and a 400 page field guide to the plants of Antigua and Barbuda.

    · secondly, producing awareness raising publications including a Guide to the Plants in the National Park, posters and a newsletter and holding awareness raising events including workshops for students and members of the public. We have made presentations to Government including our detailed recommendations for protecting rare species and ecosystems based on an analysis of the data compiled from the surveys.

Lots of interesting information about the project is contained in the following report::

Summary Report of the Plant Conservation Project

Summary map of EAG surveys contained in the Project reports

USAID Website

The EAG wishes to thank USAID for their generous support for this project.

UWI National Herbarium of Trinidad and Tobago

The EAG also wishes to thank the National Herbarium of Trinidad and Tobago, the University of the West Indies for their invaluable support for this project.

The EAG is urging the Government urgently to protect our rare and threatened plants and ecosystems. Along with a “Red List” of threatened species, we wrote a brief guide to some of the more easily recognised species.

Download our FREE Guide Here!

Free Download! Our Brief Guide to Rare Plants of Antigua and Barbuda

Brief Guide to the

Rare Plants of

Antigua and Barbuda

Requiring Protection

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