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The Environmental Awareness Group of Antigua & Barbuda

Raising awareness & promoting sustainable use of natural resources

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Field Trips

Do join us!  EAG field trips are free, but donations are greatly appreciated.

Before a field trip, we will advise on the level of difficulty of our trips and whether they are suitable for young children.

Essential tips:

1. Wear good hiking shoes.

    (Flip flops are generally not suitable)

2. Take a sun hat

3. Take a large bottle of chilled water

    (Some people freeze the bottle over night)

4. Make sure children are supervised and

    stay with you

We would also suggest:

  - long trousers to avoid leg scratches from prickles

  - a rucksack containing:

      - sun block

      - swim wear and towel if visiting a beach

      - EAG field guide

        (or you can obtain one from the field trip leader)

      - camera

      - for birding trips, a pair of binoculars

      - fold up rain coat in case of heavy showers

Some Essential Dos and Don’ts:

  - Stay on designated trails

  - Take only memories and photos

  - Leave nothing behind but footprints

  - Fires are strictly prohibited

  - Respect agricultural operations and produce


Persons accompanying the EAG on field trips do so entirely at their own risk. The Environmental Awareness Group will accept no responsibility for any accidents or other mishaps to persons on EAG field trips.

Some members have suggested that we encourage car sharing to and from our field trips.

Please let us know if you can offer or need a lift.