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The Environmental Awareness Group of Antigua & Barbuda

Raising awareness & promoting sustainable use of natural resources

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EAG’s Culture

Every year a new team of volunteers comes together to form the Board of the EAG.  Our operating philosophy has always been one stressing teamwork, flexibility, cooperation, and trust in each other and in our cause:  to raise public awareness of the values of –  and threats to  -  our natural resources and to promote their sustainable management.

EAG has been a crucible for many of us to learn not only about the science, but also how Boards and organizations function most effectively, how productive partnerships can be created with government departments, communities, other NGO’s, civil society groups and the private sector. When the team works well together, the synergies are fantastic…when there are personality differences, the work really slows down.

· we are motivated by our love for nature and people

· we work as one team

· we support each other

· we operate in a spirit of friendship and kindness

· we respect each other's views

· we thank people profusely for their efforts

· we have a positive, constructive and flexible attitude

· we give and accept constructive criticism when we are not in agreement

· we are non-hierarchical in individual and group relationships

· we ask each other for advice frequently, suggest or propose what to do/how to do it. We do not tell people what to do/how to do it

· we listen to people, learn from them and understand their views and circumstances

· we apologise for and laugh at our mistakes and when we inadvertently upset people

· we celebrate our achievements and our inadvertent mistakes

· Given the above, conflicts are unlikely, but if they do occur, we resolve them in a friendly constructive manner consistent with the above.