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A variety of birds can be viewed on all sections of the trail. The trail is a little over 2.5 miles in total length and consists of three main segments:

· The Central Valley, which is fairly easy terrain, is approximately half-mile long.  It starts at the gate to the Agricultural Station, passes the Mount Obama Monument and heads eastward.  It is a pleasant walk along a tree-lined dirt road with views of orchards and surrounding mountains.  Birds can be seen flying around, perched in trees and on utility lines.

· The Northern Loop of easy to moderate difficulty starts just east of the Monument with gradual changes in elevation at the ends that connect to the Valley Road. It passes through grassy meadows and forest with views of the Valley, the Southern Mountains and Mount Obama.  The slopes are not steep and the footing is level and firm.  It is a little over half-mile.

· The Southern Loop which is the most challenging is over one mile in length. It is more diverse than the other sections and includes steeper sections and some uneven footing.  It begins on the Summit Trail to Mount Obama for approximately 750 feet then turns eastward, crossing creeks, alternately going through woods and meadows, and following the forest and creek edges.  There are views of the Valley and the north mountains.  Wooden steps have been installed to ease some of more difficult transitions.  It continues eastward until it loops back to the Valley Road on a dirt track that goes through an area with some of the largest trees in the Valley.

When you visit the trail you will also be able to get oriented to the trail by our wonderful trail signage at the entrance and this includes pictures of birds normally found in the area.

The Trail

THe EAG would like to thank our Sponsors the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Ambassador-at-Large to the Caribbean, Mikko Pyhälä for their generosity, cooperative spirit, and moral support during the project.